Real Estate Legal Advice Madrid

We take charge of offering information and advice to solve all those subjects related to the application of norms, laws and regulations in the matter of real estate law, occupying all the branches of the same one.

Responsable del Departamento Jurídico de Consulting Malasaña

María José Rodríguez Rojas

Collegiate Lawyer 94.820 ICAM
Responsible for the Legal Department of Consulting Malasaña.

Services of the legal department:

We offer our clients a comprehensive legal service that includes, among others, the drafting of contracts, advice and legal defense before the Courts in matters of:

  • Leasing, down payment, purchase, purchase option.
  • Registry cancellation of previous charges.
    Registration of properties, domain dossiers, third parties.
  • Protection of personal assets and inheritance planning.
  • Probate, partition and addition of inheritance.
  • Premarital agreements, separation of property and divorces.
  • Application for judicial authorization for the sale of real estate owned by judicially incapacitated persons.
  • Creation/contribution of property to the specially protected patrimony of the people with disabilities.
  • Division and horizontal property.
  • Community of Assets.
  • Defense of Property Rights.
  • Evictions in case of lease.
  • Claims of amount, obligations to make, hidden defects or construction defects.
  • Claims from/to insurance companies.
  • Administrative files of verification of values, rectification of cadastral data, urban sanctions…
  • In order to provide you with a better service, we have the support of technical personnel who provide us with valuation services, expert opinions, technical reports, energy certifications, etc.

This allows us to offer not only legal advice but also technical advice on new construction, horizontal division, reforms, building permits and opening, changes of use of buildings, administrative records and urban sanctions, and so on.