The city council of the capital, like many other communities, has decided to put an end to the proliferation of tourist apartments in Madrid Center (VUT).

And it is that from the month of March and by mandate of the administration of the previous city council, an essential requirement exists: They must count on a differentiated access of the rest of the neighbors.

What has this meant? The closure of up to 95% of apartments for tourist use. That is to say, more than 10.000,+ dwellings according to municipal calculations.

Holiday Apartments in Madrid Centro

Regulations and inspections

The legal clutter around tourist apartments continues to grow. And it is that the social reality, supposes and passes for giving legal place to this type of housings that come appearing mainly thanks to Internet, that is the channel and the means that has allowed its diffusion and to lower costs, making its offers more attractive.

For all these reasons, Madrid has added a series of regulations and inspections to limit this phenomenon, which is growing and multiplying and which means that what may be legal in a municipality is not legal in the one next to it.

The rental of private apartments to tourists tries to make compatible the daily life of the neighbors, with the hundreds of tourists that enter and leave the portals and that modify commercial activities and services in the downtown area.

Although this has not prevented that in the month of August the overnight stays in tourist apartments in the Community of Madrid rose by 25.9% over the previous year according to the National Institute of Statistics.

And is that despite the movements that had made the previous administration of the City Council of the capital, it seems that this model of tourism continues to boom.

What is the aim of regulating this situation?

  1. The administrative and fiscal compliance of the exercise of a business activity.
  2. The quality for the user of the accommodation service as well as the rights of consumers.
  3. Avoid intrusion and unfair competition affecting tourism.