Saving to buy a house in Madrid is almost certainly the biggest investment of our life. And although in the vast majority of cases you apply for a mortgage to carry it out, the initial amount is usually considerable. In fact, it is recommended to have between 20% and 30% of the cost of the property to cover this procedure.

That’s why at Vivienda Capital, your Real Estate Agency in Madrid, we propose these 6 strategies for planning the purchase of your home. Don’t miss them and make your dream come true at last!

How to save to buy a home. 6 Easy Strategies for Planning Your Home Purchase

Making the best decisions for savings is possible.

Analyze your level of control over your daily expenses with a good financial education and with the awareness and internalization of a series of positive habits to save month by month and achieve the dream of buying your home.6

Practical and easy to carry out tips to achieve our goal:

  • First Create a target:

As we mentioned at the beginning, it is recommended to have 20% or 30% of the cost of housing. This money will be used to pay taxes, the deposit contract and the opening commission of the mortgage if it is not 100%.

Once we have established what is the amount of that 20% or 30% we can determine the month, depending on the time in which we want to get it and within our possibilities, a fixed amount to save.

  • Separate the savings:

Create a savings account specific to the purchase of your home and enter the amount you have committed to the same time you collect your payroll. You will avoid temptations. On the other hand, experts recommend that you have in your current account at least the equivalent of the expenses of at least 6 months. This way you can cover unforeseen expenses.

  • SAVE IT:

Analyze your buying habits and fixed expenses. Do you really need everything you’re consuming? Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc… Or do you think you could do without something? And what about those impulse purchases that in the end you haven’t made the most of – or any! because they’re still in the closet unreleased? At the end of the year, those small or big daily expenses can make a real fortune.

To give you an idea, a “small” expenditure of 3 euros a day (which a priori can be considered a fully affordable amount) per year amounts to more than 1000 euros. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Imagine how much you could save by making small changes in habits that really won’t take so much effort.

  • Sets budgets:

Food, clothes, leisure…Set an amount that is adjusted to the cause and commit to it. One idea is to put the money you have proposed in an envelope so as not to pull the card unlimitedly and adapt to that pre-set budget.

  • Avoid debts. Avoid paying in instalments:

Financing your purchases means a greater expense due to the percentage of interest that increases the quota of your purchase. It is preferable to pay, if you can afford it, to in cash, or postpone consumption for when you have collected the money

  • Invest your time in Financial Education:

A good financial education will help you control daily expenses and develop other skills such as self-control, perseverance or common sense.

Saving can bring you a multitude of benefits in addition to the obvious ones. Tranquility, freedom, satisfaction or growth are just some of them.